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Hartje Lumber stocks several different types of insulation for all your residential and agricultural building projects. The following brands and dimensions are stocked:

Guardian Fiberglass

3-1/2" x 15" Kraft Faced or Unfaced R-11
3-1/2" x 23" Kraft Faced or Unfaced R-11
6-1/4" x 15" Kraft Faced or Unfaced R-19
6-1/4" x 23" Kraft Faced or Unfaced R-19
9-1/2" x 16" Kraft Faced R-30
9-1/2" x 24" Kraft Faced R-30
12" x 16" Kraft Faced R-38
12" x 24" Kraft Faced or Unfaced R-38

Dow Styrofoam

4x8x1/2" SE R-3 25# Density
4x8x3/4" T&G R-3.8 25# Density
4x8x1" T&G R-5 25# Density
4x9x1" T&G R-5 25# Density
4x8x1-1/2" SE R-7.5 25# Density
4x8x2" SE R-10 25# Density
SE = Square Edge
T&G = Tongue & Groove Edge

Non-Reflective Super Tuff-R

Please visit the manufacturer's website.


Ag-Therm™ is white embossed on one side and is stocked in the following sizes:



Hartje Lumber stocks the Plyco Corporation's Double Bubble Ply-Foil with a staple tab edge in the following size:

48"x125' roll (500 sq. ft)

WMP-50 Fiberglass Insulation

WMP-50 Fiberglass Insulation is 2" thick with a 6" self stick tab on one side. Hartje Lumber stocks WMP-50 in the following roll sizes:

36" x 34' 48" x 34'
36" x 45' 48" x 45'
36" x 56' 48" x 56'
Roll widths available: 36", 48" & 72"
Custom roll lengths available -- Call for delivery.

Additional Insulation Products

  • Insulated Sheathing
  • Sound Board
  • Blow-in Cellulose
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